Venetian Mate Pro Plus

SKU: VMPP-879245

We take great pride in the detail that goes into each Venetian mate pro plus. knowing that well-maintained Venetian tools achieve a much higher level of finish.The Venetian mate pro plus has been designed with the help and support of the Venetian industry.

Times have changed where tools are rattling around in the back of your van The Venetian mate plus not only protects your tool edges but also allows easy access when you need them.New improved design accommodates your complete plastering set  

New improved design accommodates your complete Venetian set   

  • 4 Venetian trowels Maximum 280mm x 130mm
  • Hawk on the backup to 12''
  • 4 Putty knives 


Smaller size Venetian trowels and Hawk will also fit the Venetian mate pro plus comfortably. Detachable Shoulder Strap Included with purchase.

Design Product Copyright Trowelwallets / Tools Not Included 



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