Venetian Putty Knife Case


Venetian Putty Knife Case is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Venetian Putty Knife Scrapper Case stores 7 different size knifes from

* 3/4'' 

* 1''

* 1''and 1/2''

* 2''

* 3''

* 4''

with the larger size compartments 4'' and 5'' capable to store 2 knifes the same width in the one compartment.The case has been crafted with durable liner material inlay with outer canvas appearance.The liner inlay can be washed while not effecting the case material quality.

The case has a Carry strap on one end with 2 soft close turn clips.

Venetian Scrapper knifes Is Not Included With Purchase 

This product is protected for international design - Venetian Putty Knife Scrapper Case   . 



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