Plastering Trowel Wallets

SKU: TW-7482

Your trowel is your sole connection between you and your surface and as such it’s essential that it remains clean and free from any defects along its edges.Trowel wallets are the professional and assured product that will eliminate damage to your trowel edges while not in use.While helping to maintain - eliminate blade corrosion in storage Crafted using 1.8mm leather.

The pressure glued seams with double stitched design adds that extra durability, while the new two-tone design offers the most updated trowelwallet design available.Placing your trowel in a trowel wallet ensures you peace of mind that your trowel is protected at all times.


Displayed below will explain the tools each model will accommodate.Please note that smaller tools will also fit each model comfortably. 

Trowel Wallet  / 1 Trowels 5'' x Select your length from drop down menu above

2 Trowel Wallet / 2 Trowels 5'' x 18'' 

4 Trowel Wallet / 4 Trowels ( 2 back side ) - ( 2 front side ) 5'' x 18'' 







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