Smax Venetian Trowel 3 Master Of Faux

SKU: Smax 488423427

As with all products from innovation has always been at the front line, exceeding our customers requirements from the use of our products to the overall product design. 

The new Smax trowel range ticks all the boxes in comfortability of use.The beveled handle front and side's can be held in 3 different positions with under handle soft finger position grip .

The beveled handle minimizes the need to force your trowel to achieve your desired finish blade is laser cut from 0.6mm stainless steel with slight beveled edges.

Each Smax trowel has its own individual serial number.After completion of purchase your details is automatically registered in our database keeping you updated with new products as they launch .In the event of misplaced or stolen tools we can easily identify the registered owner .

All smax trowels come with a complimentary leather trowel wallet or holster .Protecting your investment / sharp trowel edges .

Orders Dispatched in 7 working days - Additional models will be uploaded soon . 








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