Venetian V-Tech Tool Station

SKU: VTS-983023

Customers Of have come to appreciate the quality of workmanship that goes into our tool station range As a professional trades person you purchase the best tools to make your working life that little bit easier.Storing your tools correctly plays a vital part in achieving quality workmanship.Not to mention your image is important as a tradesperson.The all new V-Tech tool station has been designed to be light in weight while capable of storing your complete range of Venetian tools while protecting your tools edges. 


  • 1 #  Plastering Board Up To 16''
  • 10 #  Trowels Up to 130mm In Width
  • 5 #  Putty Knives
  • 4 #  Japanese Scrappers



Smaller size Venetian Tools will also fit the V-Tech tool station comfortably. Detachable Shoulder Strap Included with purchase.Product Has been Registered For International Design Copy Right.



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