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Premium QualityTool Belt Hand Crafted      

Tool Belts today are mainly used by construction tradesmen to assist in holding tools at hands reach, like all tool belts available on the market they pretty much do the same job.. or do they!! .lets take a close look at the new Mika Tool Belt from trowel wallets , to see how it compares with market trade requirements.

Firstly like any product quality appearance represents itself, The Mika Tool Belt is handcrafted to premium quality standards compared to mass produced belts, available in arrange of size's ensuring the perfect fit.One of the main features of the Mika Tool Belt compared to other tool belts is the quick repositioning of the pockets from the front position to side position without having to take off the Tool Belt to make the adjustments.Pockets can be changed to suit your work routine building your belt to suit your needs and requirements. 

Other features such as the soft inner lining double lined with internal leather offer's comfort during them long working days.Not forgetting back support to ease the overall weight capacity evenly, eliminating muscle strain and back issues.   

The push fastener belt buckle allows you to exactly adjust the belt for the perfect fit compared to buckle belts that are stepped in 30mm hole slots.The overall Tool belt is lightweight while offering the most updated design in tool belts available.   

As with any product crafted by, you can always be assured quality appearance and design while capable to withstand the elements of today's construction industry.Not forgetting your products are designed and crafted for tomorrow's belt industry. 


Tool Belt Fitting Guide  

To select the correct toolbelt size that fits correctly.we have listed Tool Belt size's in the drop down menu above.All you need to do is to measure your waist size in inches ''   

Tool belts will have an additional adjustment with your selected size, For additional Tool belt size's please send us a message and we will be happy to provide The tool belt in your required size.

Tool Pouch Pocket Size's   

Hammer Pouch: 1 - 8'' x 7'' / 1 - 5'' x 4'' / 1 - 3'' x 4.5'' 

Internal 2 Sleeve pockets 2.5'' x 4'' External 1 sleeve pocket 1.3/4'' x 3.5''

Side Pocket 1 - 1.5'' x 3''

Standard Pouch: 1 - 8'' x 7'' / 1 - 6.5'' x 4''

Internal 1 Sleeve pocket 4.5'' x 4'' External 1 sleeve 1.3/4'' x 3.5'' And 1 Sleeve 1.3/4 x 2''

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