Work Zone Leather Phone Case


For construction workers, damaged smartphones tend to, unfortunately, be part of the job.Expensive to repair with most touch screens LCD'S costing more than the purchased price of the phone itself.

Trowelwallets new innovative phone case designed to protects and store your phone safely, allowing easy access when required, the quick release eliminates breaking down your belt at the end of your working day.Equipped with a notebook - pen, click ring placement for your keys including business or Atm card internal slot .your equipped for any call at any time during your working day.Now Available with trowel wallets branded work belt.keeping modern appearance while ensuring durability in today's construction industry.    

Additional Information 

1 / Fits All Work Belts Up To 90mm / Quick Release from the belt with push stud fastener with Vel-crove for additional strength.  

2 / Maximum Mobile Phone size 6'' x 3'' Samsung / iPhone / Apple 

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Work Zone Belt 

TrowelWallets Double lined work belt ensures durability while keeping a modern brand image along with the leather work zone phone case.Its quick release buckle and easy size adjustment make trowel wallets belt the ultimate belt design to date.Maximum size 44'' waste.

Additional size belts available on request . 

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