Plasterers Mate Plus

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The Plasterers mate plus -features front and back storage to accommodate the complete range of plastering tools .With the front side storing 4 plastering trowels ,measure tape and spatula.While the back side can accommodate plastering hawk ,skim rule along with spirit site level .

it is also Crafted from high-quality Polypropylene, that has been tested to withstand the daily use within the plastering industry.


Plasterers mate plus can accommodate the following site tools.  

4 Plastering trowels - 18'' x 5'' 

1 Spatula / Skim rule - 25''

1 Measuring tape - all meter size 

1 Plastering hawk / board - 18''

1 Skim rule open length

1 Site-level open length

All the above tool dimensions are the maximum size's that the plasterer's mate plus can accommodate, while smaller size tools will also fit correctly.

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