Plasterers 5 Trowel And Hawk Bag

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Since the early days in rendering , Plastering trowels have been the bread and butter of the trade .Not only has there been many changes in the trowels that are used compared to then .But also the blade thickness with new improved models entering the market regular .One plastering trowel that has become the choice for quality finish is the flex trowel .Light weight with the blade thickness thin .Keeping this type of trowel from defect ,can take a bit of looking after .


Storing your trowels in the 5 trowel and hawk bag has never been as easy .With separate slide compartments for each trowel.That closes up into a compact size .Hawk compartment of the back side will allow for hawk boards up to 16'' with inner trowel compartments for 18'' x 3 and 16 '' x 2 .with smaller sized trowels also fitting correctly .

material is fiber flex ,canvas outer with top from genuine leather ,bag has 2 soft closing buttons with industrial 4cm handle .

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