Drywallers Mate Pro Plus


The Drywallers mate pro-Plus is compact in size light weight while the ideal storage solution for all your Drywall tools.Crafted from 12mm solid core board, Accommodating your Mud pan's up to 16'' / drywall knives with 2 inner pockets 16'' with outer face sleeve's for longer knives or if required will hold a plastering trowel.Measure tape clip holder.Elastic strap on the back side to hold plastering board up to 18''.The Drywallers Mate pro-Plus Is portable with shoulder strap included for ease of carrying.

Smaller size drywall tools will also fit the Drywallers Mate Pro Plus comfortably.New improved design now crafted with two vehicle storage hooks. Detachable shoulder strap with each purchase.

Drywallers Mate Pro Plus is protected by international copyright as an innovative product design Registered under EU and Irish copyright laws.     



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