Carpenters Chip-master Tool Station


The chip-master tool station due to its unique features and capability eliminates the requirements in searching for your hand tools.It's always reassuring to know that your hand tools are properly stored and protected from getting damaged or lost.

We have all experienced the frustration when tools go missing, most of the time its due to inappropriate tool storage conditions.The chip master tool station eliminates these concerns displaying your tools neatly and at hands reach when needed.

The unique design of the chip master tool station takes carpentry tool storage to the next level, The build in tool compartments along with screw and router drawers, will present easy to use- find - while storing correctly your tools. Giving you peace of mind.

The tool station is unlike any other tool storage product, Crafted with a solid base core pressure lined with 1.8mm leather, additional durability we have added reinforced stainless steel corners and edges.The heavy-duty handle along with plated front drawers adds character while setting a professional appearance on any project site.   

Let's take a closer look at the features and tools the Chipmaster Tool station can accommodate.

8 - Wood Chisels 6mm to 50mm

1 - Building Site level 

1 - Sliding Square 

4 -Compartment Drawer / Nails Screws  

1/ 2 - Roofing Squares 50cm x 60cm   

1 - Claw Hammer 

1 - Measure Tape    

1 - Handsaw/Handsaws

1 - Router / Tool Drawer 

1 - Oil Stone Pocket 

1 - Small Tools Pocket 

1 - Stationary Pocket / Pens Pencils 

1 - large internal compartment for additional sized electric tools/hand tools.

All tool makes and models will fit the chip-master tool station comfortably  


Shoulder strap included for ease of carrying with each purchase.

The chip master tool station has been registered for international copyright. 

Tools are not included with purchase. 




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