Plastering Trowels

Plasterers besides getting paid want to be appreciated for a quality workmanship as with any tradesman,quality finish deserves respect and recognition.It's always a feel-good factor to know your customer has paid in full, and will recommend your company to friends and family.As we all know recommendations is the key to success in todays online social sites with Facebook twitter and many other social sites just a click away it is important to produce quality standard of finish work . 

When a customer expresses the quality finish of your work.Iit sometimes means the world especially after you putting your heart and soul into the job. It reminds you of the real reason you do what you do – which is because of the love you have for your trade.

As humans we love to feel appreciated for our work, it makes us want to do more. To be the best as an high-quality finish plasterer, it will take more than just skills, experience and hard work – you will also require the best quality tools available  – in most case's this will be your plastering trowel or trowels. It can be the key difference between a smooth polished surface and one that just didn't meet the standards 

You have a duty to look after your tools especially your plastering trowels , If something should happen to it, it would affect the quality of your finish plus your reputation.New Plastering trowels take effort and time to adapt correctly for their attended use.Grown men have cried during a project due to a new purchase of a trowel , excluding having to break the trowel edges in. let us look at ways to prevent it from happening  

An excellent product available to protect your plastering trowels involves the use of a leather trowel wallet.Let us take a look at some of the advantages in protecting your plastering trowels, with the use of a leather trowel wallet, for a minimum investment it will give you peace of mind and save you from purchasing a new trowel in the near future 

why you should be using a plastering trowel wallet

Take care of your expensive trowels and it will save you time and money  – We all know the significance of keeping your tools clean and taking good care of them to avoid replacing them time after time. A trowel wallet is a cost-effective way of protecting your plastering trowels, meaning it is less likely to become damaged . Protecting your plastering trowel with a leather trowel wallet, you limit the number of replacements required. 

Sharp trowel edges is the key as any plasterer knows  – the significance of keeping the edges of your trowel dent-free in order to avoid potential defects is a must.The sharper the edges of your trowel and the better the condition it’s kept in, the more likely you are of getting that desired outcome with your work.

Your Appearance as a tradesperson is also important to Look professional on site – The trowel wallets are designed professionally with superior quality 1.7mm leather double stitched design with pressure glued seams for additional durability. By using a trowel wallet, it shows that you care about your tools, gives the impression you care about the work you do as well.

The Trowel Wallets are very high qualityThey are made of beautiful calfskin and arrive in an assortment of sizes to comfortably fit your trowel / trowels.What's really good about the trowel wallets is they accommodates all brand names makes and models. while the smooth and luxurious nature of the material makes it simple for easy access and exit of your trowel, use it and after that put it away once you’re finished. Job done!

Did You Know !!

Trowelwallets have been designed to endure the elements of today's plastering industry The first recorded leather trowel wallet was made in USA and still remains in contact and use today from 1972 

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