Storing your plastering trowels correctly is imperative for any professional plasterer .Damaged trowels lead to downtime during a project and in most circumstances it can be quite stressful trying to edge back the trowel to the required quality standard .with the introduction of SuperFlex ,Permaflex along side with plastic trowels.Protecting your trowel edges is even more significant than ever before…   

 Marshalltown’s PermaFLEX  plastering trowels

Plastering Trowelwallets

As we are aware plastering trowels are quite an investment ranging from €40 up to €90. most plastering trowels in the higher end range of the market like Marshalltown’s New PermaFLEX Trowels will be supplied with black plastic paper band type edge protectors.These edge band protecting clip-on will in the short term protect the side edges of the plastering trowel only ,while leaving the toe and head of the trowel unprotected.Compared to trowel wallets designed to protect cover all 4 faces of the trowel edge.Trowel wallets are manufactured with high quality suede leather backing for easy access and exit of the plastering trowel .New improved model includes vehicle onsite storage hook .investing in a trowel wallet for your new plastering trowel will serve protection for many years with in your plastering career and not just the one you originally purchased it for... Additional Information Can Be Viewed Here   

 Nela Plastering Trowels


Plastering Tool Bags 

Tool bags available on the market today only offer a storage solution.leaving your trowel blade edges exposed to getting damaged .Plasterers in the past invested in buckets as the plastering bucket was the only practical way of storing and transporting plastering trowels.Once you mastered how to balance your bucket keeping the plastering trowels separated from clipping off each other .... was known to be half the battle . Times have progressed since with the introduction of the New Plasterers K9 Tool Station designed to eliminate any storage issues while protection your plastering trowels at all times....Accommodates up to 4 x 18'' plastering trowels Plastering Hawk- Spatula -site level with 2 large internal storage compartments, including external storage pockets  Additional product information can be viewed here   

Plasterers Tool Bag

Video Link : Plasterers K9


Plastering Trowel Van Storage  

Storing trowels in the van is a different story and to be honest, it can be risky… If you are storing your trowels in your van, you will most likely have some wall storage system built from plywood or 2x1 battens.Once again unless due care has been invested in the over all design of the racking system at the early stages . it will leave the trowel edges exposed.Another issue with built-in racking is its stationary and can not be moved very easy when needed.Trowelwallets have just launched a new line of trowel slide holders.These are the perfect storage solution and can be moved from one position to the next at ease. when needed without causing damage to the product itself .

Trowel Protection



I am sure in years to come there will be some other ways to store and protect your trowels correctly.If you have any interesting solutions that store and protect your trowels,please send us a email to :

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