Often people seeking quotes think that a Plasterer, (who has done his apprenticeship to get a Trade Certificate,) should charge peanuts. This is a myth of course as they have competitive guidelines when operating out of ireland or any other State.  For instance, a Master Craftsman or experienced /Plasterer will charge around euro 17-20 per hour for his services.This price can vary little,either too low for some counties, or too high in some other places,either way, it leads to result in the Plasterer must increase his quotation, charge extra depending on a number of factors.


What You Should Consider Prior to Requesting to Quote a Job.

How big is the job. Is one man able to do the job on his own? Does the job require an Assistant to help the plasterer or does he require a full team of professionals? You have to consider whether the Plasterer has a team or does he work solo?  Will the plasterer have the skills required to do your job and does he carry a current license. Does the Plasterer have full insurances, including public liability, workplace cover?  All this needs to be taken into account before a Plasterer who will confidentially quote your job accurately.


Question is whether this is a fair price and why?

In typical day a Plaster would wake up at around 5.30 am to travel to pick up materials from the Hardware and makes his way to the “new” work site. Commencing manual work at 7.30am is usual so is taking a half hour lunch break, he then goes on to finish work on site at 4.00/5.00. However, his work is not finished yet! Firstly his banking must be done before 4pm, paperwork, emails, phone calls must be returned and a plan for the next day set before he has time to relax.


How can a Plasterer price a job?

A plasterer will price his job fairly.  He has been taught to take into consideration what type of work needs to be done – he could physically inspect the job before the quote is given or get an image sent by mobile device. Or be sent job specifications by email. The quote would also depend on whether it is just a hole in the wall, a full renovation, an insurance damage job, a restoration, or new work requiring to be quoted.  Specifications by fax or email will state what kind of material is required and what the actual job involves so the Plasterer can email a quote back to the client.


What does it take a Qualified Plaster to Quote a Job?

When working out a quote, a Plasterers must also take into consideration access to the building/site, is it up a few flights of stairs, what sort of access for the materials to be carted to the site, whether it requires scaffolding, For instance in a residential situation if a damaged ceiling needs replacing, are the electrical wiring safe to pull the ceiling down? Is there vehicle access and what related costs for parking availability, road toll fees, whether trade waste bins are required, removal and tip fee costs, materials and delivery of material costs. Besides, other incidentals, the plasterer will invest in special trade tools required for the professional finish. People asking for quotes don’t realise that a qualified Plasterer will have other business necessary expenses to taken into consideration such as complying with Company taxation, licensing fees, superannuation requirements and so forth before he can make a profit.


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