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The Plasterers K9 Tool Station from TrowelWallets.com 

The Plasterers K9 Tool Station


The Plasterers K9 Tool Station protects your Plastering tools while keeping your trowels close at hand.Crafted with a heavy-duty chrome leather grip handle, for ease of carrying.Make an impression entering any work site. while setting the trade standards for professional tool storage. TrowelWallets.com

General Information

The plasterers K9 Tool Station is without question a serious piece of kit.Tradesmen today carrying their trowels around the job site in a leftover paint bucket or carpenters tote can't compete with this level of professionalism that the K9 Tool station offers.

If you're a professional plasterer, you know that your tools are an investment in your livelihood and that a properly equipped plastering kit can be quite costly !!. You also know that your finishing trowel edges are the most fragile of all your plastering tools , easily damaged during periods of improper storage especially when travelling between job sites.

With typical plastering trowels costing between 50 euros to 90 euros,safe storage of these tools is imperative to ensure their long life. And with the normal care, they should last you for many years. Experienced tradesmen know that their tools are an important part of their employment and that without them -- even for one day -- it can result in late job completion, unhappy site supervisors and fewer recommendations from clients.

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At TrowelWallets.com we are confident of the quality of products we produce, so confident that is .... we offer a lifetime guarantee under normal use.

Storage Tool Specification

The Plasterers K9 Tool Station

Plasterers K9 Tool Station specifications. Tools are superbly organised and within easy reach.

The Plasterers K9 Tool Station is crafed with a solid core inner board pressure-lined with 1.7mm leather, complete with durable stitching and fasteners. Everything about the K9 is geared towards premium quality,ease of use, protecting valuable plastering tools especially your finishing trowel blade edges.Not forgetting the K9 apperance is an professional trade appearance.

You've invested hundreds of euros in your plastering tools, now you can ensure their safekeeping and long life with the Plasterers K9 Tool Station.

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If you use the Plasterers K9, we'd like to hear from you!

Send us a few lines about how much you enjoy these tool stations, and how much easier it is to actually find the trowel you were looking for -- undamaged! -- because of your K9 kit. A photo of your crew at a job site using the K9 would be appreciated.

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The Plasterers K9 Tool Station


Plasterers K9 Workstation from TrowelWallets.com | Ready to go, whenever you are.

TW Brands Mission

At TrowelWallets we believe our clients deserve the best in terms of quality and craftsmanship. High-quality materials are the single most important factor in making a premium quality product.

We take pride in designing innovative products that will improve and protect the tools that achieve quality workmanship. From the simplest to the most complicated products we offer, we work hard to obtain the best results for you, the end user. We strive to deliver the highest quality products, that meet and exceed your expectations. 

Ordering the Plasterers K9 Work Station

Your tools take care of you, are you ready to take care of your tools?

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Written by John Brian / Trowelwallets Blog Post Team